Becky Anderson

Becky Anderson of Becky Anderson Consulting, Inc. serves as a consultant for cultural and economic development projects related to the Creative Economy. Most recently she served as Founding Director of HandMade in America, a community development organization based in Asheville, North Carolina. HandMade in America works to implement environmentally sustainable economic solutions that emphasize the craft industry, enhance opportunities in the marketplace, and develop entrepreneurial strategies for the region’s artisans. HandMade was the recipient of The Economic Development Planning Award of The American Planning Association, The Award of Merit for Sustainable Development from Renew America, Inc. The Best Community Outreach Award from Niche Magazine and, in 2003, Worth Magazine ranked HandMade as one of the “Top 24 Arts Non-Profits in The United States.”

Prior to her founding of HandMade in America, she served as Director of Economic Development for the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, Director of Community Development for Land of Sky Regional Council and Director of Economic Development for the City of Asheville. In 2000, U.S. News and World Report named Anderson as one of “The United States’ Top 20 Visionaries” for her work in community and civic development. She recently co-chaired the Blue Ridge Parkway’s 75th Anniversary Celebration and 2011 chair of the Blue Ridge Heritage Area board of directors.

Becky and HTC Partners president, Cheryl Hargrove, frequently collaborate on projects particularly related to the creative economy or asset-based economic development. Previous collaborations include the Appalachian Regional Commission’s Distressed Counties Tourism Development Projects in Mississippi and Tennessee.